Organisational Change

Today, in a commercial world that has been forever changed by the challenges we faced in 2020, organisations must adapt. Businesses must become more agile, and they must embrace a focus that centres on technology, strong and compassionate leadership, diversity and culture.

Organisational change can no longer be a short-term, knee-jerk reaction to deliver a “quick win” solution or to paper-over an original organisational design that has not been engineered to cope with the circumstances businesses face today. What does this type of reactionary change feel like?  You will know it if you are in it … endless cycles of meetings and conference calls, constant re-drawing of organisation charts and a lot of money lost in bringing in external experts to tell your people what they already know … time, effort and energy wasted.

For individuals dealing with this type of change at a senior level, it’s exhausting. For individuals coming into organisations that are going through this change, it’s confusing. 

Whatever your circumstances, it is a critical period for both personal and professional evolution.

An experienced, professional and seasoned coach like Sharon, could be the critical intervention for your leadership at times like this.  Get in touch to discuss how Sharon can support you and your organisation in leading change.

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I began my coaching relationship with Sharon at a time of significant change for me both personally and professionally. I had started a new role in a new organisation with a new boss and over the course of the first 6 months I had a total life change including moving my family to a new home and added to which my husband moved jobs too. With Sharon’s timely coaching intervention and support I was able to not only adapt my style and leadership capabilities to the requirements of my new role but also start to meet and exceed the requirements of my position.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon to anyone facing or going through this kind of career and life change. Those first 90 days are so critically important to get right, particularly at C-suite level, as expectations are high and often direct management and leadership is low. Sharon’s capability specifically to support senior leaders throughout those first 90 days was transformational for me, and our coaching relationship has continued to have a very positive impact for me during the course of my first year. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon as a coach and mentor.

Judith Whittaker

Chief Operating Officer, Aston University