“To provide an environment where the individual can express their fears, aspirations and beliefs, both past and present, without fear of ridicule or judgement. And then, together, to create a path to the future that the individual desires to achieve.”

Executive Coaching

Creating a relationship for an individual with a coach is to set in motion a string of circumstances that will ultimately result in creating change.

Sharon is not your ordinary, “out-of-the-box” executive coach; Sharon is a change agent! A FTSE 250 plc Chair with exemplary leadership capability honed in her executive roles at Microsoft and the BBC, Sharon will help you transform your personal and professional capability and leadership effectiveness.

Sharon is an Advanced Coach and Mentor and alongside her CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resources, Sharon brings two decades of experience in the delivery of 1-to-1 and 1-to-many coaching.

Sharon has successfully run her own coaching and mentoring business since 2012, working with C-suite executives in leadership roles across both listed and private companies. Sharon will work with you to ensure that the following important considerations are clearly set out before the coaching commences:

Gaining clarity of desired outcomes prior to commencement
Setting structure and objectives for the coaching programme
Review of situational assessment and other possible inputs
Establishing confidentialities

Sharon has been an inspirational coach and adviser, drawing on a wealth of high-level experience. I could listen to Sharon for hours about her career and ‘world view’ on issues such as success, work-life balance, and gaining promotion. However, rather than talking about herself, she is very good at listening and tailoring her insights and comments to the mentee’s needs.

I found Sharon to be particularly helpful about my wish to understand more clearly ‘what success looks like’. She is very good at taking a long perspective, with a holistic view of what makes a good life (with work a key component of that). Another strong point is her motivational advice. I have come away from this process feeling confident and inspired, and that I could successfully seek world domination should I so wish!

Sharon has a particular interest in women at work, and has been incredibly helpful in helping me strategise about how gender equality with my workplace – the Houses of Parliament – could be improved.

I would advise anyone looking for a new perspective on their career to talk to Sharon. She is truly inspirational!

Chloe Challender

Senior Adviser, International Development Committee Clerk, Sub-Committee on ICAI, House of Commons