Career Planning

Strange as it may seem, very few people actively manage their careers.

Most of us passively allow others to manage our careers for us, mainly this means our immediate employer whom we allocate authority and power over:

  • The job we do
  • How much we get paid
  • How we fit within the organisation
  • When we get promoted, and crucially…
  • When we leave

Why don’t we take more ownership of ourselves?

Why don’t we manage ourselves as if we were a business?

Sharon helps senior executives to take back control of their careers and step outside of the day-to-day, to ensure that the important questions about career, career satisfaction, legacy and reward are answered.

Make sure that your work, life and legacy has meaning…

Get in touch to discuss your career planning needs.

Sharon brings a unique blend of current expertise, as a serving NED & Chair herself, together with her coaching and mentoring skills, all delivered with her characteristic energy and care for me and my success.  From the first time I spoke with her about helping me with the next stage of my career I knew I was in expert hands.

I have come away from every conversation feeling held & supported, encouraged, boosted and stretched.  She has a way of building confidence and challenging me to reach new levels in a way that makes me walk taller every time. 

For anyone navigating a career transition, where the How is as important as the What, I would definitely recommend working with Sharon.  She has brought creativity, perspective and ambition to our conversations and I know she is totally committed to my success and helping me live my fullest life.  

She’s a star, who clearly gets a buzz from seeing others succeed – I would strongly recommend Sharon to anyone thinking of becoming a NED as part of their career path.

Evelyn Gardiner

Senior Executive at BP & Senior FTSE 50 Executive