Leadership Development

A first leadership role can be a very scary thing…

A question Sharon often hears is, “Are we born with leadership skills or can they be acquired?”

What makes a good leader is subjective, especially in an ever-changing post-pandemic world. And yet, many of us still expect what used to work ‘then’ will continue to work now.

It won’t.

As a result, we find ourselves in situations that we haven’t experienced before, and leadership capabilities need to be enhanced to cope with the growing demands of a changing workplace.

Sharon’s wealth of leadership experience has helped many individuals achieve their leadership potential; she can help you achieve yours too.

Get in touch to discuss your personal leadership development programme.

I reached out to Sharon only a few weeks after I was promoted to Chief Executive Officer at my organisation. She was the perfect executive coach for me due to her outstanding track record as an executive and non executive in Private Equity backed businesses and PLCs but also as a woman, a wife and an involved mother of three beautiful kids. Sharon has been great support in my journey, she has helped me look at my leadership skills, understand myself and those around me as well as help me see clearly when my vision gets clouded by busyness, pressures and day to day running of a business. Having her to talk to, makes a huge difference. She is the person someone in my role can go to who certainly wants one to succeed, has no personal interest in the decisions made and will tell it as it is. I am extremely grateful for what Sharon has supported me to achieve and have no hesitation to recommend Sharon to other CEOs or those aiming for a leadership career.
Lil Bremermann-Richard

Group Chief Executive Officer, Oxford International Education Group