“Having Sharon as a coach and mentor has been priceless and has helped me to feel much more prepared to face the challenges I have in my professional life.”

Mentoring Testimonials

In Sharon’s experience it is the holistic approach of the mentoring role that distinguishes it from other supporting roles such as coaching or counseling.

Simon Lloyd

Group Marketing Director, Supergroup PLC
Sharon has been an inspiring mentor to me during the last few years of my career. As my leadership responsibility has increased and the management and corporate complexity that I have been confronted with has increased, Sharon has been invaluable in helping me navigate through this.

Sharon has a unique skill of managing to be empathetic to the challenges one faces but also firm and directional with the areas of personal development that one needs to focus on. I have always been impressed with Sharon’s ability to appraise business situations and an individual’s impact within that very quickly. Sharon then makes sound judgement calls with advice and coaching on how to move forward.

Whilst in my role as Global Marketing Director at Virgin Atlantic, I made no hesitation in recommending her to my Board Peers. VAA was embarking on an immense period of change and I knew Sharon was an excellent option to help us through this with her coaching and leadership support, particularly with her experience in bringing leaders with different strengths together to create a high performing team.

I hopefully will continue to work with Sharon for many years and I fully recommend her to anyone looking for Leadership Coaching, mentoring, or performance and effectiveness development.

Joe Ulloa

General Manager UK & ROI | Board advisor
I have been working with Sharon for the past year and I would highly recommend her services to anyone exploring personal coaching or mentoring.

The experience from the outset was educational, thought provoking and dynamic, adjusting to changes or developments along the way whilst always keeping the overall objectives in sight.

Her excellent diagnosis, sharp insight and practical, actionable advice delivered immediate benefits. Further more her accessibility and willingness to help outside of scheduled sessions was real plus. In times where change is constant and the need for results is greater than ever, being able to work closely with someone of Sharon’s vision and experience is a real plus to any individual or business