Sound Bites

“Just brilliant ! So insightful with practical tips on how to confidently build your NED portfolio. Thank you Sharon Baylay
and the wonderful WACL NED committee. Awesome as always.”
Jennelle Tilling

“What a brilliant session- thank you Sharon Baylay for your great advice- pls don’t mistake our silence for lack of engagement- we were all furiously taking notes!”

“Sharon provided the quiet voice of strategic direction amongst the noise of day to day business.”

“I feel so much more knowledgeable and armed with confidence.”

“This is a fabulous course. If you’re undecided take my word that it will be some of the best money you’ve ever spent…”
Jonathan Greensted

“Sharon has illuminated many paths forward for me with her thoughtful and practical approach.”

“A great coach will question, challenge and support you to become your best self.”

“You’re never too experienced to need a mentor.”

“I feel prepared, I feel confident, I feel NED-ready.”