Coaching for Confidence

Over the course of one’s life, there are a myriad of situations that we have to deal with, and in the vast majority of cases we do this admirably and it all turns out well in the end.

It’s the level of our personal confidence that helps us deal with these things.

Confidence is an invisible energy that runs through our bodies all the time. 

If our confidence is low, then our ability to cope is diminished. 

When our lives are full of people, work and experiences that give us energy, then our confidence levels rise.

When our lives are impacted by too many things that demand our energy, our confidence is impaired.

Confidence can be harnessed, nourished and sustained. The power to do so lies within ourselves — sometimes we just need a bit of help to bring it out!

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I have been working with Sharon for the last 12 months, her help has been priceless to me. She has not only helped me to shape a medium – long-term career plan but also shape different stragies and tactics to deal with some complicated and sensitive day to day issues. Having her as a coach and mentor has helped me to see myself in a different way, to believe more in myself and has helped me to feel much more prepared to face the challenges I have in my professional life.

Guenia Gawendo

Business Manager & Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Telefonica