How To Become A Non-Exec Director

The NED's Secret Coach

Session Overview

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic and these extraordinary times, we have moved the “How To Become a Non Exec Director Course” to be fully online, still allowing you to engage in real-time peer 2 peer coaching using online resources. Companies and individuals are facing unprecedented challenges and this course, focussing on how to not only become a Non-Exec Director but also how to work effectively in the Boardroom, is now more relevant than ever. The topics and content that we cover transcends industries and the wisdom of a small select group of equally senior peers is not only extremely helpful but insightful, and enables an immediate new support network to be created in these unprecedented times.

How To Become A Non-Exec Director

These short courses (5 x 2 hour in total) are aimed at Senior ‘C Suite’ executives, who are looking to find their first NED role and to start to build their portfolio career. Delivered by Sharon Baylay, a Level 7 CIPD Advanced Coach & Mentor, who also holds the FT/Pearson Level 7 Advanced Professional NED Diploma, Sharon is an experienced Non-Executive Director. Sharon holds several current positions including Acting Chairman at Ted Baker plc, Senior Independent Director and Risk Chairman at Restore plc and Remuneration Chairman at Hyve Group plc. Sharon was also a finalist for the Dame Helen Alexander “NED to Watch” award in 2018 and has a track record of working for iconic brands including Microsoft Corporation & the BBC.

Session Details

This course builds consecutively over 5 sessions. Each session is 2 hours in length via ZOOM. Using real-time-online technology, this engaging peer-to-peer course is both informative and educational.

There are a maximum of 4 attendees per course. Delegates need to be able to attend each date in the series of 5, and due to the peer-2-peer learning environment cannot switch groups or dates if they are unable to attend one of the sessions.

Dates Available


  • Tuesday 7th Sept 12-2pm GMT
  • Tuesday 5th Oct 12-2pm GMT
  • Tuesday 2nd Nov 12-2pm GMT
  • Tuesday 30th Nov 12-2pm GMT
  • Monday 13th Dec 12-2pm GMT

Course 10

  • Tuesday 7th Sept 9-11am GMT
  • Tuesday 5th Oct 9-11am GMT
  • Tuesday 2nd Nov 9-11am GMT
  • Tuesday 30th Nov 9-11am GMT
  • Monday 13th Dec 9-11am GMT

Course 11

  • Thursday 6th Jan 2022 12-2pm GMT
  • Thursday 10th Feb 2022 12-2pm GMT
  • Thursday 10th March 2022 12-2pm GMT
  • Thursday 14th April 2022 12-2pm GMT
  • Thursday 5th May 2022 12-2pm GMT
Timings per Date
09:00am – 11:00am GMT (London)
£1,995 for courses in 2021
£2,995 for courses in 2022
Refund Policy
Refunds up to 30 days before event.
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What The Course Will Deliver

The objective of this short course is to enable an aspiring senior executive to not only think through why they want to become a Non-Executive Director (NED), but to actively plan how they are going to achieve this.  Specifically the course covers the personal activity that they will need to undertake in order to secure such a role, including reviewing/creating their NED CV, and other associated social media related profiles e.g. LinkedIn, and to create a plan of action that they can take forwards to kick-off their personal process and journey to becoming a NED.

Session 1 – Why do you want to be a NED?


How to think about an NED role as part of your Personal & Professional Development and future career


Becoming a NED – pro’s and con’s


Developing your strategy and approach


An introduction to the legal implications of being a NED and the Corporate Governance surrounding this

Session 2 – Find me/brand me


Creating your NED “USP”


Establishing your NED CV, LinkedIn and reviewing your digital media profile


Creating your community of sponsors and making new connections

Session 3 – Finding the needle in a haystack!


Identifying the right NED role for you – by size, by location, by company, by industry, by function, by experiences


The process of discovery – how do you find the NED roles you are looking for?


Planning your approach – how do you become a visible candidate to them?

Session 4 – Making an impression at the interview!

Preparing for a NED role – “doing the knowlege” to plan your application for a current NED role
Turning your NED USP and preparation into action with an opportunity to interview with an experienced NED recruiter
Peer-2-peer feedback and insight – the good, bad and the ugly and how to make a lasting impression!

Session 5 – The Journey to becoming a NED and building your future action plan.


Headhunter and recruitment approach

Networking with purpose – how to get the best out of NED available resources
Action planning – your next steps

Each session is 2 hours in length using ZOOM.