“Through the matching of a mentors experience with the mentee's ambitions, form a relationship for the successful accomplishment of the mentee.”

In Sharon's experience it is the holistic approach of the mentoring role that distinguishes it from other supporting roles such as coaching or counseling.

In practice, mentoring can deliver a plethora of learning and development interventions;

For employers, mentoring can deliver a myriad of business benefits particularly as individuals become more senior and the definition of “what it takes” to be able to transition and be successful in those roles is much harder to define. Mentoring can provide the bridge between the “hard business skills” of operational P&L management and the “softer skills” of organisational and leadership development. In these cases, coaching for skills-based or concrete developmental outcomes is not necessarily the best approach – mentoring provides a much more useful way to concentrate and pass on what are largely emotional and intuitive capabilities.

In Sharon's experience, mentees respond with an equally wide range of benefits ranging from settling into new and more challenging roles quickly, the opportunity to explore and understand their own motivations in a given set of circumstances, and experience powerful outcomes as with the mentor they create the space to explore their emotional state.

Last but not least, through the skillful pairing of mentor and mentee, individuals experience dedicated time and attention from a mentor who is more than capable of delivering intellectual challenge to them, outside of the confines of the definition of the role they play.

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