β€œTo provide an environment where the individual can express their fears, aspirations and beliefs, both past and present, without fear of ridicule or judgement. And then, together, to create a path to the future that the individual desires to achieve.”

Creating a relationship for an individual with a coach is to set in motion a string of circumstances that will ultimately result in creating change.

Coaching is therefore, in Sharon's definition and experience, a dynamic process! The experience of being coached is an active intervention, not a passive one and one that requires the individual to fully participate in.

Sharon is a Advanced Coach and Mentor, having been awarded the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resources (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) and brings 20 years experience of having delivered 1-to-1 and 1-to-many coaching to her direct and indirect reports at both Microsoft and the BBC, as well as bringing her skills and significant experience as a leader and a coach to many individuals now on a professional basis.

As you peruse a number of the case studies and references given here it will become clear that each coaching intervention is different – we are all unique – and we require different coaching support, challenge and consequently expect to get different results. There are however some elements of the coaching relationship that are consistent from client to client:

It would be almost impossible to set out all the different forms of coaching Sharon could bring to bear for an individual or a team, but please use the navigation below to read more about the areas most frequently requested.